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Today’s customer wants more than just coffee and tea. Offer a choice of healthy and delicious Superlatte’s and satisfy their curiosity.

A delicious alternative

Superlatte fills the space left by coffee, tea and hot chocolate with a range of outrageously healthy hot beverage blends loaded with natural flavour and superfood goodness. Maybe your customers are on a coffee detox or reducing their refined sugar intake. Maybe they’re bored of syrupy chais and herbal teas. Maybe it’s too cold for a smoothie or juice. Whatever the reason or season, Superlatte brings something intriguing and memorable to your menu.

Good for you

We’ve gone to great lengths to source clean ingredients from trusted suppliers. Everything we touch is NON-GMO and non-irradiated. Our key ingredients are certified organic, and we stay clear of preservatives, flavourings, thickeners, and all artificial BS ‘food products’. Our range is blended small batch and packed in a fully compliant facility which doubles as a social enterprise, benefiting staff with micro-business skills training.

Wholesale price list

Looking for a steady supply of turmeric latte, beetroot latte and matcha latte blends for your restaurant, cafe, deli, hotel or office canteen? Get in touch with our team to find out how Superlatte can spice up your hot and cold drinks menu. To request a wholesale price list or to learn more about Superlatte please email us directly at

Superlatte is available for wholesale purchase in South Africa, UK and Europe. Stock is held in Cape Town and London. 

Order by email 

We love to service our wholesale customers in the way that works for you. Place your order direct by email and have your delicious Superlatte delivered to your venue or a central warehouse or DC. Stock is held in Cape Town and London and is delivered by an affordable and reliable courier service.

Order online (UK and Europe only)

We also offer a convenient online wholesale store for our UK and European customers,  where you can place new orders and track your order history. It’s super easy to use! Give it a try by registering to become a wholesale customer

Minimum order

To qualify for wholesale pricing orders should come to a minimum of R1,000 ex VAT in South Africa, and £50 in UK & Europe. There are no case minimums, so feel free to order a selection from our 200g and 750g formats in any of our 6 flavours.


Superlatte delivers by courier at a flat rate of R60 ex in South Africa and £4 in the UK. European delivers are available on varying rates per country. The typical turnaround time on a delivery is 2 business days.

Delivery to a distribution partner

Prefer to work through your food service or distribution partner? We’re happy to follow suit! Connect us to your account manager to get the ball rolling.

Shelf life

Superlatte is blended small batch to ensure freshness and protect ingredient integrity. All products offer a 24 month shelf life.

2 Sizes

Superlatte stocks discerning cafes with a range of wholesale products including a 200g bag and 750g food grade tub. Our packaging formats are made specifically with the needs of the commercial kitchen in mind.


Our 200g resealable food grade foil pouch is perfect as part of a menu trial. Each bag has a tamper proof heat seal, best before date sticker, and an EAN barcode. For larger orders, these are packed as 6 units per case.


Our 750g food grade plastic tub is the perfect size and format for a busy cafe. Each tub comes with a tamper proof seal, a best before date sticker, and an EAN barcode. Our Tubs are packed as 3 units per case.


Superlatte flavours

Barista friendly super lattes

Powder + Steamed Milk = Superlatte 

Much like a making a chai or hot chocolate, Superlatte’s superfood and turmeric lattes are made in a just few simple steps:

  • Steam milk

    Measure and steam 240m of milk or a dairy alternative like almond or oat milk. Remember to adjust the amount of milk according to the serving cup or latte glass.

  • Make a paste

    In a jug or cup, make paste of the correct amount of Superlatte powder, 1 teaspoon coconut oil (optional) and a shot of the steamed milk . It’s not recommended to add hot water.

  • Blend well

    With a spoon or handheld milk frother, blend the mixture well. Add a little more steamed milk and aim for a well mixed consistency.

  • Fill with Milk

    Add the remainder of the steamed milk to the blended paste. If you want to do latte art, this is your moment.

  • Dust or decorate

    Optional, dust with cocoa, cinnamon or matcha powder. Decorate with edible flowers.