Discover Superlatte's Beetroot Latte, a delicious hot chocolate with a beetroot-y twist!

Superlatte Beetroot Latte is the perfect choice for those seeking a unique and enticing drink. With its remarkable blend of beetroot and organic, fair trade cocoa, along with a kick of zesty ginger, warming cinnamon, and punchy cayenne, this latte will awaken your taste buds like never before.

Whether you prefer to enjoy it hot or cold, with your favourite milk or plant-based alternative, Superlatte Beetroot Latte promises to deliver an enchanting cuppa that will leave you craving for more.

Unleash the Power of Superlatte Beetroot Latte

Superlatte Beetroot Latte stands out for its impressive array of qualities that cater to various dietary preferences and health-conscious individuals. Here are some remarkable features of this extraordinary beverage:

  1. Vegan: Superlatte Beetroot Latte is entirely plant-based, making it suitable for vegans and those following a vegan lifestyle.

  2. Preservative-Free: You can enjoy the pure goodness of Superlatte Beetroot Latte without worrying about any added preservatives. It's a wholesome drink made from natural ingredients.

  3. No Flavourings: This latte is free from artificial flavorings, ensuring an authentic and genuine taste that comes from the natural ingredients used.

  4. No Colourants: Say goodbye to artificial colors! Superlatte Beetroot Latte gets its beautiful hue from the vibrant beetroot, providing both visual appeal and a natural source of color.

  5. Gluten-Free: Individuals with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions can indulge in Superlatte Beetroot Latte without any concerns. It is entirely gluten-free.

  6. Dairy-Free: If you follow a dairy-free diet or have lactose intolerance, Superlatte Beetroot Latte offers a delicious alternative. You can enjoy its creamy goodness without any dairy.

How to Prepare Superlatte Beetroot Latte

Creating a perfect cup of Superlatte Beetroot Latte is a simple and enjoyable process. Here's how you can make your own:

  1. Measure: Add 9g or 3 level teaspoons of Superlatte Beetroot Latte powder to 250ml of hot or steamed plant-based milk.

  2. Blend: Use a stick blender or milk frother to create a creamy and well-blended texture. This step ensures a smooth and delightful drinking experience.

  3. Serve and Enjoy: Pour your freshly prepared Superlatte Beetroot Latte into your favorite cup or mug. Take a moment to savor the enticing aroma and indulge in its supernaturally delicious taste.

Each 200g pack of Superlatte Beetroot Latte provides you with approximately 22 servings of this delectable and wholesome beverage.

Elevate Your Beverage Experience with Superlatte Beetroot Latte

Superlatte Beetroot Latte is not just a drink; it's an extraordinary sensory experience. The combination of beetroot, organic cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne creates a unique and invigorating flavor profile that will captivate your senses and leave you craving more. Whether you're a beetroot enthusiast, a latte lover, or someone looking to explore new taste sensations, Superlatte Beetroot Latte is a must-try.

So, why wait? Elevate your beverage experience and embrace the magic of Superlatte Beetroot Latte today.